A Video Showing Photography of Ancient Manuscripts

by | Nov 11, 2013 | Biblical History | 0 comments

The video below probably won’t interest many of you right of the bat, but I decided to post it here because it gives a little window into a part of Bible study most of us probably don’t know much about at all. It shows a team of experts doing high-resolution digital imaging for some of the oldest manuscripts of New Testament books known to exist.

It’s important to at least be aware of this world these days (the world of New Testament manuscript studies and textual criticism), because most of our culture is completely ignorant of it–and therefore many of the ways people try to discredit scripture are based on this ignorance.

To try to state that thought more clearly: All of us should at least know that there are people in the church who give their lives to becoming experts in studying the existing ancient manuscripts of our Bible–so that the rest of us can have confidence that the Bibles we read faithfully report what was written and what God wanted us to read.