Study Medieval Church History for Free

by | Nov 15, 2018 | Academic, Christian History, Theology | 0 comments

It’s pretty amazing how much education you can have for free these days, and to what level you can study, all by your self. Case in point: a few years ago I listened through a ten lecture class on medieval Church history by Carl Trueman, who is one of my favorite lecturers. If you think that nothing happened in Christianity between the Church Fathers and the reformation, you should really invest the time to listening to these. You can find the lectures here, on iTunes U.

Or, even better, The Gospel Coalition has collected the lectures into an online course, complete with class introductions, Wikipedia links to important names mentioned, reading material (some of it for free download), and supplemental lectures for deeper diving.

I recommend looking at it on a laptop or desktop so you can easily see how the site works. You can find it here: The Medieval Church (A Detailed Exploration of the Theology and Philosophy of Major Thinkers in the Medieval Church. Curated from a lecture series by Carl Trueman.)