When God’s Spirit is given a free hand to work in our lives, what might be the result? Where might we go? What might we do? Who can tell?

One thing is certain–the Spirit of Life is not limited by genetics, upbringing, circumstances, history, or any of the other things that seem to define us and dictate to us when God’s not alive in our life.

Along those lines, here’s a great meditation from Athanasius:

He is the Author of spiritual regeneration. Here is your proof:— None can see or enter into the Kingdom, except he be born again of the Spirit, (John 3:3) and be cleansed from the first birth, which is a mystery of the night, by a remolding of the day and of the Light, by which every one singly is created anew.

This Spirit, for He is most wise and most loving, if He takes possession of a shepherd makes him a Psalmist, subduing evil spirits by his song, (1 Samuel 16:23) and proclaims him King;

If he possess a goatherd and scraper of sycamore fruit, (Amos 7:14) He makes him a Prophet. Call to mind David and Amos.

If He possess a goodly youth, He makes him a Judge of Elders, even beyond his years, as Daniel testifies, who conquered the lions in their den. (Daniel 6:22)

If He takes possession of fishermen, He makes them catch the whole world in the nets of Christ, taking them up in the meshes of the Word. Look at Peter and Andrew and the Sons of Thunder, thundering the things of the Spirit.

If He takes possession of tax collectors, He makes gain of them for discipleship, and makes them merchants of souls; witness Matthew, yesterday a tax collector, today an Evangelist.

If He takes possession of zealous persecutors, He changes the current of their zeal, and makes them Pauls instead of Sauls, and as full of piety as He found them of wickedness.

Where will the Spirit take us? Who will He make us?