In connection with last week’s study on maturity, here’s a passage from William R. Newell’s commentary on Hebrews. This is on Hebrews 5:12-14. He’s bringing a little fire:

[How could the Hebrews be tempted to turn back from following Christ,] when only a few brief years had passed since the Son of God walked on earth, Who had put away sin forever at the Cross, and sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high, a High Priest forever? Babes? in need of milk? when just now the holy apostles, who had walked and talked with this now;  Risen and Glorified Christ, had been speaking to them? Men, the apostles were, not babes! Filled with the energy of faith, not “sluggish,” were they! Strong men, ready for martyrdom, “filled with joy and peace in believing.”

Brethren, I am filled with trouble at all this. Can it be possible that human hearts are capable of such shallowness. indifference, ingratitude, sluggishness, unbelief?

“Yes,” they say, “Peter was here but now, full of eagerness, putting us in remembrance. But give us a little milk, warm milk, and let us sleep! Apollos we heard, mighty in the Scriptures! He stirred us at the moment, but give us just a little milk now, and we shall get to sleep! Paul we knew, whose presence made Christ real, whose eyes were always ready to weep. We often heard him, and now this letter comes from Italy, from him and those with him. Yes, we remember his holy influence, his deep, wonderful words. But we have settled down. We no longer like arousing words. Once, perhaps, we did; but we have certain ‘standards’ that are good enough for us now. Our creed is all written out and settled; we have only to say ‘Yes’ to it. We find a need, true, in our souls; but it is for milk, for the simple fundamentals of the gospel. Others may like Peter’s, Paul’s and John’s talk for suffering with Christ, of being filled with the Spirit, of being not under Law but Grace, and of waiting for our Lord’s return.

“But we believe there’s a middle path, We do not believe in excitement about religious matters. Too, we have relatives and close friends among the Jews, who do not believe as we wish to live in peace with them, to be tolerant! So give us a little more milk, and do not ask us to be roused up!”