How To Share Your Faith

by | Jul 26, 2023 | Evangelism | 0 comments

I wanted to encourage everyone to check out our three part mini series on “Sharing Your Faith”. They are available on all podcast formats but I also included the links below.

Part One: For the first episode, we tried to lay the groundwork for the topic of “Sharing Your Faith”.

Part Two: We had our friend Ruth on to talk about her experiences in sharing her faith and how simple practices like being “open and available” are so crucial to developing a life of sharing the gospel and the love of Jesus.

Part Three: We sat down with our friends John and Mike to continue our conversation on sharing our faith. John and Mike have 30 plus years of experience in evangelism and sharing their faith so we thought they could share a little bit about their experience and give us some great practical advice on how we can start sharing Jesus with others.

I have been super blessed by these and I hope you are as well. I am praying that these will be an encouragement for you to share your faith. Spurgeon in his book “The Soul Winner” wrote:

What I have said of soul-winners, belongs not to the learned doctor of divinity, or to the eloquent preacher alone, but to you all who are in Christ Jesus

Let us all be soul winners and share our faith in Jesus with those around us.