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Welcome to the Philly Young Adults Podcast. A place where we generate content to encourage spiritual growth. We hope these conversations, testimonies, meditations, scripture readings, and topics help you grow in grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ. We invite you to listen.



Take a look at some of these resources about different topical that young adults are often faced with. 

How is God Love?

What is a Human?

What is the Bible?

Orientation, Choice, & Change

Planning Your Time With God

Surviving Dorm Life

Surviving Your Twenties

Other Resources

Take a look at some of these resources about different topical things that young adults are often faced with. 

Bible Study
  • How to Do a Biblical Word Study (PDF)
  • How the OT is used in the NT (Excel doc)
  • How the NT quotes the OT (Excel doc – Searches, Commentaries, and more. – Great for working with Greek.

God’s Plan of the Ages

– mp3 series by David Guzik

An overview of the storyline of the entire bible in 12 messages. Right-click the title to downoad the file.

  1. Before the Beginning: Eternity Past
  2. What Went Wrong?
  3. The Abrahamic Covenant
  4. The Mosaic Covenant (The Old Covenant)
  5. The Davidic Covenant
  6. The New Covenant
  7. The Missing Piece of the New Covenant
  8. Israel, the Church, and the 70 Weeks of Daniel
  9. The Last Seven Years
  10. The Rapture of the Church
  11. The Millennial Kingdom
  12. The Final Judgment and the Completion of His Plan

End-Times (Eschatology)

Christian Friendship

Moral Objections to the Old Testament

  • Violence in the Old Testament (audio)
  • Slavery in the Old Testament (audio)

The Rapture

Summer Series

Limits and Life

True Freedom



Sowing and Reaping

Endless Youth and Maturity

Adventure and the Kingdom of God


Personal Devotions

Bible Reading Plans

  • Canonical: the Bible in a year, in regular order (PDF)
  • Chronological: the Bible in a year, in chronological order (PDF)
  • Historical: the Bible in a year, in the order the books were written (PDF)
  • OT/NT: the Bible in a year, with Old and New Testaments every day (PDF)
  • The Kingdom Reading Plan (PDF)

Bible Memorization

  • Philippians Memorization Plan (PDF)
  • Romans 8 Memorization Plan (PDF)
  • “Memorizing the Word is Possible” (PDF)
  • 18 Tips to memorize scripture (Word doc)
  • Help memorizing large portions (PDF)
  • The “6×6” method with progress sheet (PDF)
  • Memorization bookmark for your Bible (PDF)
  • Chart to keep track your progress (PDF)
  • Not sure what verses to memorize? (Word doc)

Christian Living

  • “Each His Own Cross” by A.W. Tozer (PDF)
  • “You Can’t Fight Sin with Sin” by A.W. Tozer (PDF)
  • “A Narrow Path and a Wide Heart” by C.H. Mackintosh (PDF)
  • “Sanctification: What is It? by C.H. Mackintosh (PDF)
  • “Self Denial” by C.H. Mackintosh (PDF)
  • “The Simple Things of the Christian Life” by G. Cambell Morgan by (PDF)
  • “The Message is Fellowship” by T. Austin-Sparks (PDF)
  • The Writings of T. Austin-Sparks (

Missions & Foreign Work

  • Voice of the Martyrs – Information on the persecuted church worldwide.
  • What should I Do If I think I’m Called to Missions? (video)
Evangelism / Culture

Evangelism & Culture



  • Islam, Muslims, and the Gospel. (mp3)

Homosexuality and the Gospel

“The Development of Modern Thought”

by Francis Schaeffer (mp3s).

An overview of the assumptions underlying the worldvie of our modern culture, and how we got here. Excellent for being able to speak with people about their own wordlviews.

  1. Introduction: Aquinas to the Renaissance
  2. The Renaissance and the Reformation
  3. The Development of Modern Science
  4. From Modern Science to Modern-Modern Science
  5. The Shift in Philosophy; Rousseau, Kant, Hegel
  6. The Spread into Other Disciplines; Art, Music
  7. The New Theology and Higher Criticism
  8. The Forms of Existentialism
  9. Contemporary Results of Berkeley 1964
  10. Limits to Possible Christian Answers
  11. Society After The Loss of Absolutes
  12. The Silent Majority and the Elites
  13. What is Needed to Speak to Our Age?

Muslim Apologetics

Islamic Studies Online

Resources for Ministering to Muslim Women

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