“Some of them lived next to garbage dumps.”

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“The Lord is so good. And He has truly done this very thing for the children who are in the homes of Asifiwe Child Care. Some of them lived next to garbage dumps. Some of them played in the ashes. But now they are raised up out of that life and are “sitting with princes.” They live in good clean homes, and they eat three healthy meals each day. They have clean clothes and the proper uniform for school. And I truly believe that these children are the future leaders of Uganda. Whether they hold a position as a teacher, doctor, engineer, nurse or any other position in the community, they will be leading this nation in just a few short years.”

So writes Julianne Heilman, our friend who moved to Uganda several years ago and has since founded Asifiwe Child Care, a ministry to orphans which is connected to the ministry of Calvary Chapel in Entebe, Uganda.

Whenever she’s back, we get her to speak at our Monday night meetings, so you may remember her if you’ve been there.

From time to time I like to highlight the work she’s doing. It’s so encouraging, and I’m sure she’d appreciate more prayer support. So check out her latest newsletter here.

And check out the ministry’s website here: http://asifiwechildcare.org/

And since she reads this blog…hey Julianne!