The Art of Boda Riding and Other Stories

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Our friend Julianne Heilman has been a missionary in Uganda for several years now. Recently she posted these thoughts:

I often have to go on very bumpy dirt roads that are hard to drive on in a car, so I jump on a boda and for less than $.30 I get where I need to go. Boda riding looks easy, but it does take some skill to do it well. And after 3.5 years here, I think I have acquired some boda-riding skills…

We now have 31 kids in Asifiwe Child Care. It is amazing to think that it has been over two years that we have been caring for children. When I look at the kids that have been with us since the beginning and I see how they have changed, I am amazed at the evidence of what the Lord has done. He is always faithful.

Here is an excerpt from my personal journal of an encouragement the Lord gave me in March, at which time we had 26 children.

“And although there were so many, the net was not torn.” John 21:11

The fish were many, as directed by Jesus. On a normal day, the nets would not have been able to hold 153 fish. But because God ordained that net to hold those 153 fish on that day, it was strong enough to haul all of the fish to the shore without breaking.

Often, I get overwhelmed with the number of children we are caring for. Twenty-six children seems to be so many. How will we manage more than that?

But I think this story could be considered a promise. When God ordains a ministry, those He has called to that ministry will be sustained, no matter how many people or how much work is involved in the ministry.

I will not be torn, even when there are many more children to be cared for.

Please check out her blog.

And also check out her work building real holistic care for orphans–it will inspire you–with Asifiwe Child Care.