On Monday night, December 17th, we’ll take the evening to explore what has become a pressing topic for Christians to understand.  In many conversations with all kinds of people, it is very common to discuss these questions:

  • Who chose the books in the New Testament?
  • Why do we have those books, and not others?
  • Why do we have only four Gospels? Weren’t there other Gospels?
  • Did the church suppress other views and other writings?
  • Why did it take 400 years for the church to decide what books were scripture?
  • Why should Christians claim the Bible as their authority, if we can’t even know what books should be in the Bible?

We’ll look at answers to these questions for ourselves, since knowing that we have the right books is essential for our own ability to have confidence in the Gospel. We’ll also take some time to think through how to communicate effectively about these issues when we share the Gospel in our daily lives. And we’ll finish the night with an open Q&A.

Hope to see you there.