We don’t have to just be negative.  That was one of the thoughts that was kicking around in my head as I drove home after Monday night’s study.

I am still mulling over the hugeness of the vision for humanity the New Testament describes. Verses like Ephesians 1:9-10, 2:15, 4:13–this idea of God’s eternal, cosmic, human-race-encompassing plan to unite us (and everything!) to the headship of Christ…it’s the kind of thing that can send your mind reeling if you really start to explore it. What massive things is God merely hinting at when he describes to us why everything we face in this life will be worth it?

So why was I thinking about not being “negative”? It struck me that as Christians in America 2015, we don’t have to get caught in the trap of reacting and responding to what the world outside of the family of God is doing and saying–and spend our time pointing out what we think is wrong with their vision for the human race.

We have a much more powerful thing to talk about.

We have our own positive vision for the world. We have promises and history and a road map that nothing outside of the message of Christ can compete with. It may not be your average, run of the mill conversation piece. It may take a patient listener, say, a friend whose trust you’ve gained, to spend the time to really understand, but…we have the best story to tell. We have a vision for humanity that outshines any other vision. We have enough information about the future to know that pressing on up our  road is worthwhile. We offer something that transcends anything this life can throw at a human: healing for every brokenness, pardon for every shame, permanent ratification of human worth…

We have this kingdom to look forward to. To invite people into. To tell everyone about.

We have this king. This perfect man. This God who loves humans. This Spirit of Life who inhabits us.

So sure, there are times to answer critiques, to correct wrong thoughts, for the good of everyone influenced by them.

But better by far, and more worth our time, is the positive proclamation and spreading of the unique, glorious message of the New Testament.

God became a man.

For us, he defeated death.

He’s throwing a feast.

Everyone’s invited.