Don’t be like the bee

by | Jul 3, 2019 | Spiritual Life | 0 comments

Chrysostom, commenting on 1 Thessalonians, with an observation from nature:

Do you not see how the bee dies upon the sting?

By that animal God instructs us not to grieve our neighbors.

For we ourselves receive death first. For by striking them perhaps we have pained them for a little time, but we ourselves shall not live any longer, even as that animal will not.

Short and simple, right? When we’re tempted to “sting” those around us, we should remember the parable of the bee. We may in fact be able to hurt someone, if we try. But by doing so we will also injure ourselves.  In fact, Chrysostom says, like the bee when it stings, injuring others will bring death into all different areas of our lives.

Just one more reason to obey Christ’s command to love our neighbor.