Helps for Memorizing Scripture

by | Jan 17, 2020 | Bible Study | 0 comments

I can’t say enough about how good it is to commit scripture to memory.

But here are some things to help you, if you want to get to it. (They’re always on the “Resources” page. Just click on “Devotions.”)

Personal Devotions

Bible Reading Plans

  • Canonical: the Bible in a year, in regular order (PDF)
  • Chronological: the Bible in a year, in chronological order (PDF)
  • Historical: the Bible in a year, in the order the books were written (PDF)
  • OT/NT: the Bible in a year, with Old and New Testaments every day (PDF)
  • The Kingdom Reading Plan (PDF)

Bible Memorization

  • Philippians Memorization Plan (PDF)
  • Romans 8 Memorization Plan (PDF)
  • “Memorizing the Word is Possible” (PDF)
  • 18 Tips to memorize scripture (Word doc)
  • Help memorizing large portions (PDF)
  • The “6×6” method with progress sheet (PDF)
  • Memorization bookmark for your Bible (PDF)
  • Chart to keep track your progress (PDF)
  • Not sure what verses to memorize? (Word doc)