“If I speak now…”

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A friend just passed along the website for this movie. I’ve never read the book it’s based on, but I have read Richard Wurmbrand’s other account of his life, In God’s Underground. It is one of the most moving and profound books I’ve ever read. The movie looks to be just as powerful, but of course, read a book about if you need to choose one or the other. Nevertheless, check out these trailers.  The second ends with one of the most courageous and powerful lines I’ve ever read (maybe, that was ever spoken…?).

From the book:

In 1945 a ‘Congress of Cults’ was called in the Rumanian Parliament building, with 4,000 representatives of the clergy filling the seats. Bishops, priests, pastors, rabbis, mullahs applauded as it was announced that Comrade Stalin (whose vast picture hung on the wall) was patron of the congress–they preferred not to remember that he was at the same time president of the World Atheists’ Organization. The trembling old Patriarch Nicodim blessed the assembly and the Prime Minister, Groza, opened it. He told us that he was a priest’s son himself, and his lavish promises of support, echoed by other personages who followed him, were appreciatively cheered.

One of the chief Orthodox bishops said in reply that in the past many political rivulets had entered the great river of his church–green, blue, tri-coloured–and he welcomed the prospect that a red one should join it, too. One leader after another, Calvinist, Lutheran, the Chief Rabbi, rose in turn to speak. All expressed willingness to co-operate with the Communists. My wife, beside me, could bear no more. She said, ‘Go and wash this shame from the face of Christ!’

‘If I do, you’ll lose your husband,’ I replied.

‘I don’t need a coward. Go and do it!’ Sabina said.