New Resources for Students: Introducing Truth on Campus

by | Sep 8, 2015 | College Life, Featured Posts, Resources | 0 comments


Today we’re rolling out a  new website which we hope will be a platform for online ministry to those among us who are currently students, and hopefully to students beyond the boundaries of our young adults fellowship as well.

Over at we’re collecting a growing library of (for now) literature and videos aimed at (as the site says) “cultivating Christian thinking and living in the academic environment.”

Currently we have some updated literature (which many of you have read) and several series of videos. Several videos are in production at this moment, and more are planned. The idea behind it all is that we could give those of you who are currently in school things which will help you as you speak with friends about the gospel (“Hey, some of my friends are putting together videos about some of the things we’ve been talking about–would you like to see one?”).  Like the literature, we hope the videos speak to non-believers (and commend the gospel to them) and believers alike. The larger idea behind it all, of course, is the spreading of the gospel where it’s needed.

The first video we’re featuring is a full interview with our friend Barb (the rugged girl from the last camping trip!) about her spiritual search and conversion. She speaks about real spiritual experiences in a way that anyone could understand. Her story is a testimony to the reality of God and his work in our day. It’s definitely one to share with friends who feel, like their searching for God.

In addition to the website, we’re getting started on Facebook, You Tube, Vimeo, Instagram, and Twitter.

Let us know what you think…