“Our thanks, receive”

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A hymn for Thanksgiving Day, by Charles Wesley:

Meet and right it is to sing,
Glory to our God and King:
Meet in every Time and Place,
To rehearse his solemn Praise.

Join, ye Saints, the Song around,
Angels help the cheerful Sound:
Publish thro’ the World abroad,
Glory to th’ eternal God.

Praises here to Thee we give,
Gracious Thou our Thanks receive:
Holy Father Sov’reign Lord,
Ev’ry where be Thou ador’d!

Thro’ th’ injurious World exclaim,
Sing we still in Jesu’s Name,
Saviour, Thee we ever bless,
Thee our Lord and God confess.

By “meet,” he means, “good, right, and appropriate.” Amen, Charles.

Peace, friends. King Jesus has done things for which we will give thanks for ages to come. Nothing can undo what he’s done.  “Let us love and sing and wonder, let us praise the Savior’s name!”