READ THIS before you go to (or graduate from) College.

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Beating the College Debt TrapLast week I got to give a heavy skim to the new book by Alex Chediak called Beating the College Debt Trap.

It looks like an excellent guide to one of the problems facing American young people–the dangerous blend of “necessary” College with skyrocketing  costs associated with getting your degree. This week I’m going to post a couple excerpts from the book. Today I just wanted to give a general “thumbs up” and recommend that anyone who is a high school junior or senior, and anyone still with some time left in their college years, give the book a read.

To give you an idea of the topics covered, here’s the table of contents.

Checklist for Getting a Degree without Going Broke
Preface: Why This Book?
Introduction: Take Ownership of Your Financial Future

Part 1
Examining Assumptions
Trap 1: Everyone Must Go to a Four-Year College
Be true to how you’re wired
Trap 2: It’s All just Going to Work Out
Understand why college is expensive, and take 
responsibility for how you pay for it

Part 2
Making Smart Decisions
Knowing Your Options
Trap 3: Spend a Fortune on Prestige (and Other Bad Ideas)
Let  your head lead your heart
Trap 4: Choose Your Major on a Whim
Know what you’re getting into
Trap 5: Student Loans Are Always Worth It
Develop awareness and exercise foresight

Part 3
Taking Charge
Earning and Managing Your Money
Trap 6: I Can’t Get Meaningful Work as a Student
Be creative and resourceful – you’ll set yourself
up for long-term success
Trap 7: I Can’t Control My Expense
If you don’t, who will?

Part 4
Keeping It Going
Succeeding after College
Trap 8: Finding a High-Paying Job Will Be a Breeze
Set yourself up for professional and financial success
Trap 9: I’ve Got a Paycheck and Can Finally Live it Up!
Live within your means while pursuing financial
Conclusion: Be Free from Student Debt So You Can Live
with Impact

Also, here’s a video trailer for the book…