Words, like swords.

by | Oct 22, 2020 | wisdom | 0 comments

More wisdom about our words from the Proverbs:

Proverbs 11:9 says: “With his mouth, the godless man would destroy his neighbor.”

Here is a practical key: It is not a mark of wisdom, but godlessness, to use words that weaken or undermine, or press down your neighbor. This is very easy to fall into, right? How easy it is to subtly use words to belittle someone, to point out their flaws or failings. But if I do this, I am using my tongue for the opposite of what God exhorts me to.

Proverbs 10:21 says, The lips of the righteous feed many…”  But if I use my words to destroy my neighbor, my words can not be food and water—they will be poison. They will be like the piercings of a sword,
but the tongue of the wise promotes health.” (Proverbs 12:18)

“With it we bless God, and with it we curse people who are made in the likeness of God.” (James 3:9)