Last Monday night we finished our look at what it means to walk in the Spirit, focusing especially on Galatians 5:16-25. After praying about where we should head next, thinking about different conversations with many of you, and talking with Chuck Chandler on a train from Temple, it seems like I have a direction. For the next few weeks (maybe 8? 10?) we’re going to go through our lives, one perspective at a time, and see what it means for us in each area that Jesus Christ is the Lord. This seems to follow naturally from our study of walking in the Spirit, because now we’ll look, practically, at every area of life and see direction of the Spirit in each one.

I hope to see, with you all, how comprehensive the authority of Jesus is in all the nooks and crannies of our ordinary, every day lives. We’ll need to keep looking at foundational, big-picture kind of truths to stay on God’s page, but we should be able to stay very practical as well. After all, those things go together–practical wisdom from God flows from the “big truths” about who He is, and big truths only take on power and meaning as they actually make a difference in the lives we live every day.

So here’s the basic outline of the studies, which (obviously) will change as we go along and discover how it goes.

Christ is Lord of:

    • Our Bodies
    • Our Minds
    • Our Relationships
    • Our Church
    • Our Work
    • Our Speech
    • Our Possessions
    • Our Entertainment
    • Our Time & Future

 For each of these ideas, we’ll apply these two truths

    1. Christ is Lord of everything.
    2. The Gospel changes everything.

    …and see all the implications for how we can (and should) live as those who know the one true God.

Let me know if there are any other areas you’d like to cover. I’ve already been so challenged and blessed studying what scripture says about God’s authority over our bodies. I can’t wait, Lord willing, to start looking into these things with you all on Monday night. See you tomorrow at church!